2017 Life Logs, Day 225: Beautiful Day for a Sail
Date: Sunday, August 13, 2017
Weather: Sunny, Wind 10-12 WSE, SW; High 82, Low 62 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

It was a beautiful day for a sail in West Falmouth Harbor with Bruce and Jane Woodin on Pooh. We thought we were going to head out into Buzzards Bay and there was enough wind that we started out with the sail reefed. Our first mission was to give me a complete tour of the harbor. Bruce and Jane have sailed here for over 30 years, so they have the local knowledge. There is the part of the harbor where most of the boats are anchored, there is a part close to the Chapaquoit marsh, and there is another area just before you head outside the breakwall. All of this is navigable at or near high tide as it was today, but there are underwater rocks that you have to know about. Hopefully I will remember all that I was taught today and can convey the knowledge on to Heather and Jed. We all enjoyed a lazy, and sometimes hazy, day on the water. And by the time we completed our harbor sailing and started to head outside, the wind had picked up and there were white caps and a bit of a fog rolling in. So, we decided to just continue sailing about inside. And it was on our second foray back to the marsh area that we found a pair of loons—always a thrill to see. Thank you, Bruce and Jane, for such a delightful day.


When I got home from the sail, I got a text from Jed saying they had made it to Oslo. He said the train ride from Bergen was beautiful. But no one got a lot of sleep on the plane or the train, so they were settling in for the night. Justin, Ziggy, and Coco also called. They had a surprise they wanted to show me, so we got on Skype video. The surprise was a new pet—a miniature piglet they have named Rabbit. Evidently, they went into a pet store to buy a plant for the fish aquarium and came out with a pig! I told Justin I thought this takes a very special talent. Ziggy and Coco started school last week, so we’ll just call this an end-of-the-first-week-of-school present. They don’t really need another pet, but I must admit that it is adorable. Then after the phone call, I treated to myself to a local feast. A friend gave Bruce clams and since Jane doesn’t like them and he didn’t want to bother fixing them for himself, he gave them to me. Yesterday Heather gave me some green tomatoes and green beans from her garden. So, I had clams, green beans, and fried green tomatoes. And a peach for dessert. Heather also gave me the peach and I didn’t ask where she got it. But it was the best peach I have had in a very long time. Yummy dinner!