2017 Life Logs, Day 1: Happy New Year
Date: Sunday, January 1, 2017
Weather: Sunny; High 47, Low 27 degrees F
Location: Back Home in The Studio, Falmouth, MA

Happy New Year to all. I had a lovely day with Detta, Tom, their daughter Sarah, and her Golden Retriever, Callie. Detta fixed a delicious potato egg omelet and fresh fruit to start our day with just a little Mimosa on the side. Then Detta and I took Callie for a walk at the Great Bay Discovery Center.01-detta-and-callie-on-great-bay-discovery-center-walk It was beautiful, but there was a lot of ice and snow on the walkways. I wasn’t prepared for snow, but I wore a pair of Detta’s Wellies and did just fine. We sat and talked when we got back and then I started the three-hour drive home. I stopped at the Goldstones, but no one was home, so I came on home and had an early dinner since I skipped lunch. Heather called and explained that they were at a neighborhood party and would be home soon, so I drove back to pick up Sam, Jonah, and Ollie for an overnight here. I had extended the invitation to Heather yesterday and knew the boys were interested in coming over. When we got here, I let them open an eighth day of Christmas present from me. There was a small Star Wars Lego kit for each and they built and played Legos until bedtime. They played so cooperatively and so quietly. It was a wonderful way to end the first day of our new year.01-goldpebbles-building-legos-on-omaa-bed

This morning Detta showed me journals that she and Tom and their two children, Matthew and Sarah, wrote in twelve years ago on New Year’s Day. They each wrote their bucket list for the year and pulling them out this morning to see if they accomplished their goals was so much fun. Detta gave me some empty journals and I brought them home hoping to start a yearly tradition with the Goldstones. Tomorrow we will each write at least ten things we hope to accomplish during 2017. I’ll then tuck the journals in my Christmas box and we’ll bring them out next year to check our progress and to add things for the next year. I know one of the things I want to do is to keep in closer contact with distant friends. I write my log every night, but I am terrible about writing emails or sending letters or cards to keep in touch. I am so fortunate to have so many friends all around the globe who check in on me and I must do better about checking in on them.

I hope you had a lovely day and made a resolution to work on being even healthier and happier in 2017 than you were in 2016. Happy New Year!