Day 295, Year 11: The End of a Chapter
Date: Friday, August 12, 2016
Weather: Hot, Humid, and Windy
Location: At Home in The Studio #8, Falmouth, MA

Today marks the end of a chapter in our lives. And as Mark said in response to that statement from me this morning, “It has been one hell of a chapter.” He is so right about that. This morning we received the email from our yacht broker, John Schwab, saying that all the paperwork was in and that the sale of Windbird is final. I cried and Mark celebrated. Interesting reactions from the two of us since sailing was Mark’s dream and I went along, only reluctantly. But somewhere along the way, I became a total convert.

Our website says I have posted 3,544 posts since October 18, 2005. That is the day we left Boston headed out for our voyage around the world. My accounting tells me that number is actually 3,486. But whichever, I have posted a log almost every night that we were sailing since leaving Boston. In that time we have met so many incredible people from all around the world—some in person and some via the blog. We named the blog ‘The Voyage of Windbird’ and it has been an incredible voyage. It was Mark’s dream of sailing around the world that propelled us into this venture, but early in the first year, it became my dream as well. Windbird has been our home and our best friend for the past eleven years. Not once did either of us ever wish that we had a different sailing ‘partner’ for our voyage around the world. Windbird is tough, but at the same time, she is comfortable and forgiving. There was so much we didn’t know when we started our voyage, and somehow it seemed that Windbird taught us what we needed to know. And we are confident that she will do the same for her new owners, Sam and Dawn Weigel. We are really looking forward to following the continued adventures of Windbird through their blog, ‘Weigels on the Water.” It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to know that Windbird’s new adventures will be documented in Sam’s blog. We encourage you to follow along. Here is the link:

Tomorrow I will spend my day transforming my blog from the focusing on the Voyage of Windbird to reflecting our new life on land. It is a very different kind of voyage. We are so grateful to have had you following our adventures and certainly understand if you choose to leave our adventures at this point. But if you want to continue following our journey, just check in here tomorrow night. We will still be here.