Day 343, Year 9: Mark to Boston for CT Scan
Date: Monday, September 29, 2014
Weather: Mostly Cloudy but Very Warm
Location: Quissett Harbor, Falmouth, Massachusetts

Mark went to Boston this morning for his CT scan. We will both return to Boston on Wednesday to get the results. Our plans to sail south for the winter depend on getting a clean bill of health. So stay tuned for that.

Mark dropped me off at Heather’s on his way out of town so I could sand and varnish the Dorade boxes one more time. This was only varnish coat number six, but it is the final coat for now. We have rain in the forecast off and on for the next few days, so I’m calling it quits and will put more coats on in the spring. Mark got home from Boston early and we all (Heather, Sam, Jonah, Ollie, and next door children Molly and Joey) went for a walk down to the cranberry bogs. I heard machinery noises all day and thought maybe they were harvesting cranberries early. That wasn’t the case, but we still had a great walk. Unfortunately we had a couple of accidents that resulted in bruises and scrapes and wet shoes, but all in all it was still fun. Mark and I stayed at Heather’s for dinner as she had to take Sam to a Scout meeting and then kept Ollie and Jonah while she was gone. We had a delightful evening. After dinner, Ollie and Jonah went into the living room to play with Legos. They played together for 45 minutes without one call for help. So Mark and I sat the dinner table and ate and talked. Normally the boys love bath time, but this evening they were so into their Lego play that we almost had to pry them away. Tomorrow Heather has to leave early for Boston and won’t be home until almost 11 pm. So we’re on super Oma and Granddad duty for the day and evening. Tomorrow is Heather’s birthday, but unfortunately she is not going to have any time to celebrate. She’s planning to celebrate on Friday evening once Jed is home, but Sam and Jonah decided to give her their gifts tonight. All three boys made cards for her and Sam made her a book and Jonah made a wooden birthday card that he varnished. He did all of the writing (Happy Birthday to Mommy from Jonah, 2014) and drawing and was so proud that he knew how to spell ‘to’ without help from Oma. They also wanted to give momma mums as they have for the past couple of years, so Granddad stopped at Home Depot on the way home today and bought those for the boys to give her. So even though it was a day early, I think Heather really appreciated the thoughtfulness of her boys.

140929 Day 343 Cape Cod, USA–Flowers for Heather and a Walk to the Bogs

We’re starting to watch the weather for our trip south and unfortunately, the time to leave is right now, not this coming weekend when we can be ready to leave. The winds are from the north right now and stay that way through Friday, but then they turn to come from the south for at least the weekend and the first three days of next week. It’s looking like we might not make it to Annapolis for the boat show, but you never know with the weather. Things could change. We’ll just have to patient and wait and see.

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