Day 339, Year 9: Rainy, Rainy Day
Date: Thursday, September 25, 2014
Weather: Overcast with Rain All Day, High Temp Around 60 degrees F
Location: Quissett Harbor, Falmouth, Massachusetts

I don’t remember when we last had a rainy day, but we sure had one today. The public radio station in Woods Hole (where Heather works) planned an outdoor reception for this evening because they figured the ‘rainless’ days were going to continue a bit longer. But just as sure you plan something like that, it rains. By their account, the last real rain was six weeks ago. Well, Mother Nature made up for that today. It is still raining, but the rain should end by morning. We needed the rain and the reception went on despite the weather, so everything turned out just fine.

Mark and I worked on the boat this morning. He changed the oil and I sorted through books and papers, getting rid of things we don’t need. We then went to our storage unit and spent an hour sorting through things and getting rid of more things. By this time it was 1 o’clock, so we headed to Heather’s to fix some lunch. I canned chicken broth that I made yesterday and did a laundry. Some of the things we ‘uncovered’ in storage were our two comforters and duvet covers. I washed the duvet covers and decided on which comforter to start using. The nights are getting chilly, so it is definitely time to add another layer. But hopefully we will only need one comforter as we head south, so the other one will be taken back to storage. Heather came home with Ollie in time to have lunch with us today and then she had to return to work for the reception in the rain. Mark and I had the three boys and we survived after-school indoor play with a friend from the neighborhood, homework, dinner, and bath before Heather returned. Three boys are quite a handful so we are just so glad we are here to help out while Jed is in Japan.

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