Day 338, Year 9: Home with Ollie—Varnishing, Making Granola, Skyping with Justin
Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Weather: Partly Cloudy, High Temp in the Upper 60’s F, Low 50’s Overnight
Location: Quissett Harbor, Falmouth, Massachusetts

Ollie is still struggling with a cold, so we kept him home today in the hopes that some extra rest might help with his recovery. Mark and I were both with him, so one of us could watch him while the other one worked. He started his day by completing an alphabet floor puzzle. When he completed the puzzle, he started singing the ABC song and I was able to catch it on video. Just too cute.

140924 Day 338a Cape Cod, USA–Ollie Sings the ABC Song

Mark and I made a batch of granola and put another coat of varnish on our Dorade boxes. Something happened to the boxes and they are much darker than they should be. If we had more time, we would have stripped the first coat of varnish off, sanded again, and started over. But cooler weather is here and my window for varnishing is shrinking by the day. So we will just live with darker Dorade boxes and pretend that they are walnut instead of teak.

After Ollie and I picked Sam and Jonah up from school we came home and had a Skype video call with Justin. Jo was out with Ziggy and Coco, so we arranged for another call once they got home. But in the meantime, Justin was able to take us on a tour of the house they are renting in Aguada on the western shore of Puerto Rico. The house is spacious and the location looks fantastic. The large lot is totally fenced and has what looks like a jungle between it and the ocean. Mark and I really enjoyed seeing it and then later in the evening when Jo got home with the kids we had another Skype video call and got to watch Ziggy and Coco in action. Ziggy was working on a Star Wars Lego project and Coco was anxious to show us her new baby bunnies, her favorite doll, and some of her Lego projects. Sam, Jonah, and Ollie enjoyed seeing Ziggy and Coco and all of us adored Coco’s little bunnies.

140924 Day 338b Puerto Rico, USA–Coco and Her New Bunny

Justin was leaving tonight for another trip to Culebra to pick up more of their belongings. After this trip, he will have one more to pick up their bikes and the bike trailer. The move has been long and hard, but they now have a great place to live and are starting to settle in.

Tomorrow is going to be a rainy day and we might spend a great deal of the day in storage. We have a lot of things to sort through before we leave for the winter, so tomorrow looks like the day to do it.

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