Day 8, Year 8: Great Wicomico to the Piankatank River
Date: Sunday, November 11, 2012
Weather: Another Beautiful Day, Temp in the 60’s F; Wind S 12-14
Latitude: 37 32.684 N
Longitude: 076 19.965 W
Location: Jackson Creek Off Piankatank River, VA

What a delightful day. The weather was perfect except for the south winds
right on our nose, but we just turned on the engine and motor sailed our way
about 24 miles south. We got here at 4:30 pm, so our choice was a good one.
We didn’t want to come in after sunset again tonight. We started our day by
having Kevin and Claire over for breakfast and then we all got in the dinghy
and headed out to a nature preserve on the south side of Ingram Bay. I
think this area is called Dameron Marsh or maybe Hughlett Point. Whichever,
I read on the internet that it is the largest wetland on the western side of
the Chesapeake Bay, but “unfortunately it suffers from extremely severe
erosion. We can attest to that. Kevin and Claire were here just three
weeks ago, but when we beached the dinghy and they looked around, they
couldn’t believe the changes. There were no sand dunes and the shape and
size of the beach were totally changed by Hurricane Sandy. They have always
been able to walk around to the south side of the spit of land and then make
their way along a beach on a point that goes right on out into the
Chesapeake. No more. There was no more beach to walk. It was simply gone.
So we walked as far as we could and enjoyed the beauty as it is now. We
then went back to Windbird and had the other pint of ice cream that was too
hard to eat last night. I’ve never had ice cream in the morning, but Cherry
Garcia tasted great. We really enjoyed our short time with Kevin and Claire
and invited them to come to the Bahamas to see us there. And we’ll hope to
stop by this way again in the spring on our way north and explore a little
more of the Chesapeake with them.

We are anchored at the mouth of Jackson Creek with five other boats. I’m
sure we will all be on our way early in the morning, trying to make Norfolk
with a south wind and a shortened day. This 5:15 pm sunset severely
restricts our travel time.

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