Day 6, Year 8: Annapolis to the Patuxent River
Date: Friday, November 9, 2012
Weather: Beautiful Day, Temp Around 50 degrees F; Wind NW 15-20
Latitude: 38 19.883 N
Longitude: 076 26.175 W
Location: At Home with Ron and Suzie Williams, Leason Cove, Lusby, MD

It was a beautiful, sunny day in the neighborhood and we had a nice downwind
sail from Annapolis. Mid-day the wind calmed a bit and we were headed too
directly downwind, so we rolled up the headsail and motor-sailed the rest of
the way. We pulled right up to Suzie and Ron’s dock and then-thud-we were
aground. It was low tide and we knew it was going to be close. Later this
evening, Windbird floated off the bottom, so we know that we will be able to
get away in the morning as the tide rises. Ron and Suzie took us to the
grocery store and invited us to use their washer and dryer to do our
laundry, so by dinner time all our land-based chores were done. We had a
wonderful dinner and then got to watch one of the videos that Ron edited of
their recent diving trips while visiting Culebra Island in Puerto Rico. It
was a wonderful evening. Tomorrow we will stay around for breakfast as we
can’t leave until the tide rises. But when Windbird is floating again at
morning high tide, we will be on our way south to meet up with our friend
Kevin and Claire. The march south continues.

121109 Day 6 Passage South, USA–Annapolis to Patuxent River
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