Day 17, Year 8: ICW Mile 311 to Mile 346, Southport to Little River
Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Weather: Partly Sunny, N Winds 10-15
Latitude: 33 51.753 N
Longitude: 078 38.325 W
Location: Lightkeeper’s Marina in Coquina Harbor, Little River, SC

We made it! In 17 days we covered 888 miles-one day at a time. We could
have made this in five to seven days if we could have gone offshore, but
with the weather we had, we’re just thankful we made it safely and in time
for Thanksgiving. Our friends Lee and Lynda arrived at the boat early this
morning and Lee and I switched places. I drove to Little River with Lynda
and Lee helped Mark with the last leg of the trip. Lynda dropped me off at
my sister’s house and we launched into doing some of the prep work for
Thanksgiving dinner. It was great to see Lee and Lynda and my sister and
brother-in-law. Mark and I are really looking forward to our visit here
over the next few weeks. Mark called when he and Lee were about an hour
from the marina in Little River so that Lynda and I could go to the marina
to catch lines when they arrived. Windbird looks happy in her new home and
now Mark and I will turn our full attention to getting the big Thanksgiving
dinner ready. Some family arrived today and more family and friends will
arrive tomorrow. The next three days will be filled with family, friends,
food, and fun. It should be a Happy Thanksgiving.

121120 Day 17 Passage South, USA–ICW Mile 311 to Mile 346
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