Life After Windbird, Day 39: Stormy Weather
Date: Monday, September 19, 2016
Weather: Rain, Rain, Rain; High 76 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio #8, Falmouth, MA

We finally got some much needed rain today, but it came down so quickly and in torrents that much of it washed away. But that is better than no rain at all, which is what we have had this summer. Justin had to work today, I had an early morning chiropractor appointment, and Jo started walking with the kids to catch the bus to Woods Hole. When I returned from the chiropractor, it was beginning to rain really hard and I saw Jo, Ziggy, and Coco walking down the sidewalk. I stopped to pick them up and drove them to Woods Hole where they hung out for the rest of the morning. I came home for a short time to get ready for my meeting with friend Olivia who will leading Mark’s memorial on Thursday. I called to secure the Islander, the boat we will be going out on, tried to reach a caterer with no success, and then headed to the hospital for an annual mammogram. When that was done, I called Jo and found that she was still in Woods Hole. I had showed her the wrong place to catch the bus back to town, so they were waiting for the next one. I had time, so I drove down to pick them up and bring them home before meeting with Olivia. I wasn’t really prepared, so we’ll continue working on this over the next two days. But Olivia was so very helpful in getting me focused on what needs to happen. Tonight Justin, Jo, and kids went to see Pete’s Dragon. Ziggy came home and was soon ready for bed, but Miss Coco Belle is still running around in her very special impish little way. What a little character that one is!

What I didn’t get done today was pinning down a caterer for the ‘after’ party at Heather’s on Thursday late afternoon. I tried to reach them with no luck. If that continues tomorrow, I’ll just have to order things from the deli at the market across the harbor. It won’t be super fancy, but it will do. Tomorrow I also drive to Boston to pick up Mary Ellen, Lee, and Steve—Mark’s sister, brother-in-law, and brother. It will be wonderful to have Mark’s family here to complete the plans for Thursday.

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