2020 Life Logs, Day 155: Fabulous Afternoon at Menauhant Beach
Date: Thursday, June 4, 2020
Weather: Sunny and Warm; High 79, Low 60 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

What a fabulous afternoon I had at Menauhant Beach with the Goldpebbles. I spent my morning going on a walk with Shadow, visiting the chiropractor, and attending an hour-long Zoom physical therapy work out. After that it was 1 pm, and I headed over to the Goldstones to deliver things that had been left behind after last night’s visit. When I arrived I found that the boys were very interested in going to the beach. It was sunny and the warmest day we have had to date, so I immediately agreed. It took us a bit to gather all of the regular summer beach gear as this was really our first all afternoon outing. Yesterday we made an impromptu beach visit, so we just went. But for a full afternoon, we had to dig out the summer gear. Shovels, buckets, sun screen, swim shirts . . . we packed in my car and headed to my house to drop Shadow off (no dogs allowed on the beach this time of year), grab some lunch for me, get the beach bags with towels, pack some snacks, and get a couple of beach chairs. Sam mentioned that he would love to have a wet suit and I told him to go the closet and get out Granddad’s wet suit. Heather and Justin bought it for him as he had lost so much weight that his old one no longer fit him. I think he only wore it once. Sam was as shocked as I was that it fit him and it made him a very happy kiddo.


When we arrived at the beach, we saw the parking lot was pretty full. At first Jonah said there was no way he was going on a beach with that many people. But Sam convinced him that we should park and take a look before making a decision to leave. The beach parking lots have been reduced in half by concrete barriers and I agreed with Sam that it was worth taking a look. Late yesterday when we went to the beach, there were only a few cars and the beach looked basically empty. With a full parking lot today, the beach was manageable. There were small groups of people spaced appropriately, but no one was sitting down close to the water. That is where we always set up ‘camp’. All three boys felt comfortable with that location, so the fun began. All three grabbed their googles and dove in. The water is still chilly, but Sam was warm in his wet suit. Ollie was okay with his swim shirt on, but Jonah, who is always cold anyway, needed his swim shirt that I had put in the wrong bag and left behind. But he was a trooper and spent some time in the water, but more time at the water’s edge digging to the middle of the earth and finding lots of ghost crabs. Sam stayed in the water for quite a long time, but then came ashore to help with the digging. Since he was old enough to hold a shovel, Sam has been a digger. He is bigger now, but he can still dig deep holes in the sand faster than anyone I have ever seen. We were at the beach for two and a half hours and time really flew by. I just sat in the sun, read my book, helped Jonah and Ollie order wet suits on Amazon, and thoroughly enjoyed watching the Goldpebbles play with abandon in the sand and water. Summer has begun.

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