2017 Life Logs, Day 39: Having Fun
Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Weather: Mix of Clouds and Sunshine; Temp in the 80’s F
Location: At Home with JJZ&C, Finca Maravilla, Aguada, PR

I did it again. It’s late and I’m too exhausted to write a proper log. But that’s because I’m having so much fun with Justin, Jo, Ziggy, and Coco. And the fun is just doing the everyday, normal things. It is the little things that are so special. Last night I walked by the light of the moon with Justin and kids to go put the duck in his cage on the lower part of the property. This morning I went shopping at Home Depot to buy a few things needed to work on the TO DO list on the refrigerator. I took Justin to work at the ‘orange house’ and picked him to bring him home for lunch, back to work again, and picked him up this evening. The ‘orange house’ is the rental they were living in until they could move into their new home, referred to as the ‘white house.’ You can figure out the exterior colors of the houses. They have the rental until April, so Justin is still working in his office there. And taking him back and forth gave me an opportunity to help move some things from there to here. They still have a lot of things there, so I’ll be working on this the whole time I am here. And this evening when the kids came home from school, I walked around the property with them as they were trying to find the perfect place for ‘personal’ gardens. Ziggy wants to plant vegetables and no one can convince them that they could just have one garden together.01-ziggy-and-coco And Coco entertained us with her modeling skills. Her first outfit was priceless. She put on a t-shirt that belonged to Justin when he was four that says, “Wild, Wonderful West Virginia.” The t-shirt mostly covered her frilly pink skirt. But it was the accessories that were so interesting. She was wearing the dress-up heels I brought to her with a torn-off leg of a pair of tights on one leg only. Quite an outfit.03-coco And when we came back to the house after our walk, she changed clothes again.04-coco-the-model Her grandparents from England, Phil and Margaret, just left last week after a two-week visit. Phil sent me some photos of the kids and one of Coco was labeled, “Always the model.” That is certainly true. But in addition to her princess tendencies, she does take ample time to romp and play with Ziggy.10-just-having-fun She’s a great mix of princess and tomboy. And Ziggy is an incredibly patient and loving older brother.02-ziggy

Justin’s umbilical hernia repair surgery is tomorrow. Jo will take him to the hospital at 7 am and I will do the morning routine with the kids. Coco and I will deliver Ziggy to school and then we are headed to the beach for the morning as she doesn’t have pre-school on Tuesdays or Thursdays. We will spend the day together, pick Ziggy up at 4 pm, and go to a park in Rincon to play before we come home to fix dinner. Justin’s surgery is supposed to be in and out, but it is difficult to know what time they will get home. My earliest estimate is 3 pm if everything goes perfectly and on-time. But we all know that things going perfectly is usually just a pipe dream. Jo says nothing in Puerto Rico is ever on-time. But we will all be elated if the only hitch is timing. I’m so glad I can be here to help with the kids and to see first-hand that Justin is fine. This should be a simple surgery, but because moms to worry, send your most positive thoughts this way for a smooth operation and quick recovery. That positive energy will be greatly appreciated.

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