2017 Life Logs, Day 38: Arrival in Puerto Rico
Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Weather: Partly Cloudy with Afternoon Rain Showers; Temp in the 80’s F
Location: At Home with JJZ&C, Finca Maravilla, Aguada, PR

I have had a wonderful day but am so tired due to the lack of sleep last night that I’m not sure how much I can share with you before falling asleep. It is wonderful to be here with JJZ&C and we had a great day together. I arrived here at Finca Maravilla at 5 am with Justin out on the road to show me the way down the steep driveway. Miraculously, the barking dogs didn’t wake Ziggy and Coco and we all managed to get three hours of sleep. I slept for an hour on the plane, so that gives me a grand total of four hours of sleep in the last 24. Ziggy had school, but Justin, Jo, and Ziggy were here this morning and I was given the grand tour of the property.01-justin-and-ziggy-take-oma-for-a-tour02-coco-finds-eggs-in-the-henhouse03-justin-feeds-the-goats After lunch, Justin headed to their prior house to get some work done. He still keeps his office there and will do so until the contract is up in April. When we picked Ziggy up from school at 4 pm, we all headed to the beach to jump the waves and play in the sand.04-at-the-beach And then we came home to enjoy a great dinner cooked by Jo—roast beef, broccoli, fried plantain, and salad. Great dinner to top off a great day.

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