Day 232, Year 6 Happy Birthday, Ashlyn
Date: Monday, June 13, 2011
Weather: Rain Overnight, Sunny Day, Upper 80’s
Location: Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, South Carolina

We started our day on the beach with a four-mile walk with those who weren’t off playing golf. Mark and I then took off to find a craft store to buy small wooden boxes. Our end-of-the-day activity was a family gathering where we were celebrating the birthday a nephew’s little girl, Ashlyn. She was six today and we thought letting all of the little ones decorate wooden “treasure boxes” with shells from around the world would be fun, and it was. The wooden boxes we bought had hinges, so the kids glued shells on the tops of the boxes and then filled them with a treasure-trove of shells. We had a nice barbecue together and then headed back to the condo on the beach where the younger generation spent the evening. We are back on Windbird tonight and will be hosting an open house for a few family members tomorrow morning while others are out deep-sea fishing. Tomorrow night we have a Celebration of Life gathering for my brother who died in February of 2010. We were not able to fly home from India for his funeral, so we are dedicating tomorrow night to him and showing the slide show of our trip around the world to the family in his honor.

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