Day 229, Year 6 Back to Windbird
Date: Friday, June 10, 2011
Weather: Sunny, Upper 80’s
Location: Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, South Carolina

Today Mark worked on putting together a 15-minute video montage of some of the highlights of the Voyage of Windbird-huge waves in the Atlantic at the start of our voyage, Kuna Indians in Panama dancing to pan pipe music, going through the Panama Canal, sailing with dolphins playing in our bow wake, Galapagos tortoises, dancing through the South Pacific, snorkeling in Chagos, and on and on. We have a very short time to present on Saturday evening at the Power Squadron meeting, so the theme will be highlights rather than the place by place travelogue that we presented last night. Unfortunately, Mark is really not feeling up to par, so working on the presentation is more of a chore than normal. Mark’s temperature is still over 101 degrees and as a result he has very little energy. The antibiotics for the bladder infection don’t seem to be doing the job-at least not yet. We’re hoping for an overnight miracle. I spent my day working a little with Mark but mostly cooking dinner for tonight and getting our things packed to move out of my sister’s house. My sister’s daughter Jennifer and her daughter Jessica and a friend arrived this morning and have reclaimed their guest rooms. So tonight, after having a “make your own” pizza and “make your own” salad dinner, Mark and I headed back to Windbird with a ton of stuff. We are now back aboard and settling in. In only one week, we will be heading north to Cape Cod, so it feels good to be back home so we can start the passage preparations.

Family arrives tomorrow and the fun begins. So we had pretty quickly get the presentation work completed so we can join in the fun.

Day 230, Year 6 Power Squadron Presentation
Day 228, Year 6 One Down, Two to Go