Day 170, Year 6 Guest Log
Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Weather: Totally Overcast, Winds E 15
Latitude: 17 55.554 N
Longitude: 062 52.248 W
Location: Anse du Colombier, St. Barts via Ile Fourchue

Today Steve & Jeanie are doing the log-it needed a little spicing up!

When we woke up this morning we were in Sint Maarten with 4 large cruise liners beside us. It was an overcast day, but cruising with world class yachties made it a perfect day.
We left bright and early with our usual breakfast of homemade granola & yogurt.
We headed for St. Barts for a morning snorkel at Ile Fourchue and saw sergeant majors, parrotfish and beautiful turquoise waters that could only be experienced on the sailing yacht Windbird.

Learning to use the head was an experience for Jeanie and Steve had to come to the rescue (he had to do the flushing and it had something to do with floaters)! We had a leisurely lunch of bagels with cream cheese and chicken noodle soup prepared by Judy.
After lunch we went around the corner to Anse du Colombier for another great snorkel where we were able to see a 2 ½ foot turtle and a 3-foot barracuda. We also saw trumpetfish, French Angelfish as juveniles and adults. There were also Foureye Butterflyfish and lots of coral. This is Jeanie’s first try at snorkeling and went down hill for some time until she found she could swim while frantically holding onto the dinghy ladder. From there on she had a great snorkel and enjoyed all the fish mentioned above.

We are now back relaxing while Judy is making chocolate chip, sunflower seed, and nut cookies. After this freezing weather of 75 degrees Jeanie is on the back deck with jeans, shirt, hat and fur hooded jacket (no joke). After an almost major disaster, Steve recovered two pads out of Jeanie’s bathing suit that he was hanging on the line. But he was able to rescue them, so all is good! We did have two other calamities today with Steve stubbing his toe and breaking part of the nail off. Then Mark got cramps during snorkeling and had to get back in the dinghy.

Jeanie gave everyone a good laugh when she rolled into the dinghy like a “walrus” after snorkeling. Judy said there is nothing bad we can say about her (we will not comment until after dinner and after we have finished the cookies she’s baking). She is slaving away while Steve is sitting in the cockpit drinking gin and tonics and Jeanie (that’s me) is sitting here writing this log. We are all thinking about Mary Ellen and Lee and family and wish they could be here with us for lots of laughs and a great time.

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