Day 169, Year 6 Survivor
Date: Monday, April 11, 2011
Weather: Yet Another Beautiful Day, Winds E 15
Latitude: 18 01.034 N
Longitude: 063 02.756 W
Location: Philipsburg, Sint Maarten

Jeanie is a “survivor.” Every time she climbs down into the dinghy or climbs out successfully when we reach shore, she exclaims, “I survived.” For a first time sailor, she is doing great so we are calling her the “survivor.” We started our day in Simpson Bay by taking the dinghy into the lagoon and doing a tour of the lagoon chandleries. We went to Boater’s World and Island Water World and picked up a few boat items and then went back to Windbird, pulled up anchor, and motored back to Philipsburg. Mark spent his first hour ashore filing on-line for our tax extension while Jeanie, Steve, and I walked from shop to shop to shop. When we met back up with Mark, it was time for him to head to Immigration to check us out. Steve and Jeanie waited patiently at a picnic bench while Mark went to Immigration and I searched the streets for a top-up for our cell phone. After MUCH walking and inquiring, I found out that Digicel does not exist on this island, so I guess we will do without a cell phone until we reach Puerto Rico. Once Mark returned from Immigration, he sat with Jeanie and Steve at the Buddha Beach Bar while I went to Sang’s Supermarket to do a little food shopping. We then returned to Windbird and as I am writing this log, Mark, Steve, and Jeanie are in the cockpit looking at photos from our African safari days. Jeanie has been to Tanzania to the Ngoro Ngoro Crater and the Serengetti. She is an African animal lover and is really enjoying the photos.

Tomorrow morning we head to St. Barts. So the Caribbean adventure continues.

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