Day 126, Year 5: Back to Reality
Date: Monday, March 1, 2010
Weather: Hot and Hazy
Location: Bolgatty Hotel Anchorage, Cochin (Kochi), India

We are back on Windbird after a wonderful little trip north to the Chinakkathoor Pooram. We got home mid-afternoon and had Ed over for dinner tonight. It is always good to get home, even if only after one night away. But unfortunately we got home to more unsettling news about the shipment of our compressor. As soon as we got home we got on line and found no update. That was not good. Then we got a call late in the day from the shipper saying that the compressor is now in Cochin and he will bring it to us tomorrow morning. BUT we will have to pay about $130 US in Custom’s Fees. We should not owe that much at all, but now the problem is whether to fight it or just pay the price and get our compressor. That will be our decision tomorrow morning, so we’ll have to report on what happens in tomorrow night’s log. Let’s just say that this whole Indian shipping process has been one of the most frustrating things we have ever had to deal with in our time sailing around the world.

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