Day 87, Year 4: One Paradise Lost, Another Awaiting Discovery
Date: Saturday, January 17, 2009
Weather: Northeast Monsoon Still in Full Swing
Latitude: 08 degrees 01.455 minutes N
Longitude: 098 degrees 49.255 minutes E
Location: Ao Nang, Krabi Province, Thailand

We are just having the most incredibly wonderful time with Heather, Jed, and Sam. Sam continues to be a real sailor and last night he slept for eleven straight hours with just one little cry for Mama at 11 pm. Heather and Jed got more sleep last night than they have since Sam was born. He normally gets up two or three, sometimes four times during the night, so Heather and Jed are really enjoying this little reprieve. We are also traveling among some of the world’s most beautiful islands. So
we have a happy “almost” two year-old, two happy parents, and two happy grandparents. Life is good.

The anchorage where we spent last night between Ko Dam Hok and Ko Dam Khwan was just beautiful. When we got up this morning, low tide was approaching and the sand bar that connects the small island we were using as our beach was suddenly connected to Ko Dam Khwan by a sandbar. After eating a huge breakfast, we went over to the small island and walked across the sandbar to the other island. There were long tails by the dozens and hundreds of people on a little island that only yesterday afternoon had only a few tourists. So we just decided to enjoy the beauty and ignore the people and pretty soon most of them were gone. It appeared that coming to the island for the low tide event was the spectacle and once the tide was again rising, the crowds of people disappeared. Heather and Jed went for a long snorkel while Mark, Sam, and I played on the beach. Just as yesterday, the Thai tourists all stopped to say hello to Sam, to kiss him, to photograph him, and to try and pick him up. I think he was beginning to feel a bit like a rock star with so many people just trying to touch him. I haven’t seen this happening to other children, so maybe it is just his age or maybe he really is the most beautiful grand baby in the world until the new grandchildren arrive. Then we will have the three most beautiful grandchildren in the world.

In the late afternoon we left our idealistic anchorage and headed over to Ao Nang on the mainland. We spent Christmas Day here with Kevin and Claire and decided to come here to have dinner and then move a mile south to Railay Beach for tomorrow and tomorrow night. We had a great dinner in Ao Nang and did a little shopping. We might go back into town tomorrow morning to do a little food and souvenir shopping and then make our move to Railay. Whether or not it ends up being as beautiful as the last anchorage, it is certainly another slice of paradise. So we just move from one tropical paradise to another. Not a bad way to travel.

090117 Day 87 Thailand–Ko Dam Khwan N to Ao Nang
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