Day 17, Year 4: Saturday Shopping in Singapore
Date: Saturday, November 8, 2008
Weather: Rain Early Morning; Partly Sunny Day
Location: One 15 Marina, Sentosa Island, Singapore

We made another trip to Orchard Road today. That street is amazing. There are more huge malls and hotels in one small area than I have ever seen in my life. We went there to go to our favorite Singapore supermarket just one more time. It is called the Tanglin Market Place and shopping there is just like shopping in the US. All the familiar brands can be found there. We probably won’t see that again until we get home, so this was the last chance to stock up on favorite things.

We also made a stop at Toys ‘R Us just a couple of blocks from the supermarket. This took us into the Forum Shopping Mall and we couldn’t believe what we saw. On one end of the mall, all three stories are dedicated to kid’s stores. And being a weekend, it seemed like all parents in Singapore were there with their kids. There were puppet shows for kids, body painting, magic demonstrations, you name it-all kinds of entertainment for the wee ones. Mark and I don’t remember ever seeing so many families
out shopping in the United States. I think it is the national weekend pastime here. We stopped in Border’s Bookstore and found the same thing. The children’s book section was so jam-packed with kids and parents on the floor reading that you could hardly make your way through.

Our time here is dwindling. If tomorrow (our Sunday) is sunny, we might stay here at the marina and enjoy the pool and internet access for most of the day, and then make our way to Little India for one last dinner in our favorite part of this town. The street markets there also have the best looking veggies in the city, so I will do my departing fresh food shopping at the same time. Monday is check-out day and a chance to pick up anything we have forgotten, and then early Tuesday we will head
for Malaysia.

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