Day 15, Year 4: A Day at Home
Date: Thursday, November 6, 2008
Weather: Sunny Day with Periods of Rain
Location: One 15 Marina, Sentosa Island, Singapore

I can’t believe it, but we actually stayed here at the marina all day with no trips into Singapore. I’m still trying to recover from this cold and it felt good to just stay on Windbird with trips up to the pool to refresh. We spent our evening visiting with friends and just returned to Windbird to fix a late dinner. Mark filled our fuel tanks today by having the marina golf cart take our jerry jugs to be filled on the fuel dock and then returning them to us. He emptied the first round of jugs
and then called for a second round. The marina staff is so willing to help. We are used to doing all of this ourselves with no help, so having a marina staff willing to do the work for us was great.

Late in the afternoon I cut Mark’s hair while he was sitting in a chair on the gyrating dock. Our neighbors on Wave Runner from New Zealand took pictures and invited us over for drinks. After another run to the pool and showers, we visited with Wave Runner and learned that they might be leaving Phuket in January for the Red Sea. But like us, they are still deciding whether or not to spend another year here in Southeast Asia. So depending on our decisions, we might be traveling with these new
friends from here to the Mediterranean. After our visit with Wave Runner, we headed down to the catamaran world to return a borrowed jerry jug to Rendezvous Cay. We ended up having drinks with Rose and Tim and returned home to find that it was 9 pm. We had no idea it was so late. Today was Robert of Shirena’s 56th birthday. Happy birthday, Robert! He and Tina were having dinner here at the marina and we had invited them for dessert afterwards on Windbird. But we were so late getting home that
it was way past dessert time. We will just have to have that dessert on another night.

Tomorrow will be a tourist day. We will visit China Town and possibly finally visit the other end of the world here on Sentosa Island. It is so comfortable here that you could be tempted to stay for a long, long time, but we know we have to be ready to leave early on Tuesday morning. We have a “date” for a haul-out in Langkawi, Malaysia on November 25, and we have a few miles to cover to get there. So the Singapore countdown is underway.

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