US Land Logs 5, Year 4: Life on Cape Cod
Date: Friday, June 12, 2009
Weather: Temps in the 60’s, Overcast and Rainy
Location: East Falmouth, Massachusetts

I simply can’t believe it has been a month since we arrived here. We left sunny Santa Fe on May 12 and have spent the past month here on Cape Cod in what appears to be long-lingering spring weather. We have had days here and there that give a hint that summer is coming, but temps in the 50’s and 60’s and overcast days sprinkled with rain have prevailed. Despite the weather, a whole month has flown by and I have not even had a second to write a log. I guess time flies when you are living in a household with a two-year-old. And soon we will have a newborn. Our daughter Heather is due with her second in just 11 days so the excitement is building. We had what may or may not be a false alarm today. From 3 to 8 pm she was having light contractions every 10 minutes, and sometimes every 5 minutes. But it is now 9:30 pm and all is quiet. It could be an interesting night.

Sam, our two-year-old grandson, came down with a terrible cold just a couple of days after we arrived. The next day our daughter got the cold, and the day after that, I got it. All three of us have been sick for the entire month. Sam was finally diagnosed with walking pneumonia and a hint of bronchial asthma. Heather and I have probably had the same, but have been treated for sinus infections. So all of us have been on antibiotics and slowly, every so slowly, we are all getting a bit better. But whatever hit us was a mighty strong bug. Heather’s husband, Jed, was in France for ten days just after we arrived and he has avoided this monster cold. Miraculously, Mark did not get hit with the same intensity as Heather, Sam, and I. This bug seemed to like women and children.

Despite the weather and the illnesses, we have done a fair bit of yard work, finished planting a rather ambitious backyard garden, and have worked on readying the house for the arrival of “Bubba” (Sam’s name for the forthcoming brother or sister). Mark spends a great deal of his time looking for employment, but the opportunities are few and far between. But yesterday he got a call from the local West Marine store and after a short interview, he was hired full-time for the busy season. He will start work on Saturday, so at least we will have some income.

We get messages from time to time from cruising friends and marina staff back in Malaysia giving us updates on Windbird. We got a couple of photos from the Rebak Marina manager yesterday showing us how Windbird if faring and she seems to be weathering the rainy season just fine so far. Life is so busy here that we rarely even think of our cruising life, but when we get messages about Windbird, or when we visit marinas here and see all the boats, we get very homesick for the sea. But rest assured, a two-year-old and newborn will keep us busy enough that thoughts of sailing will be put on the back burner for now.

Justin, Jo, and Ziggy are doing great back in Santa Fe. Ziggy now weighs over 11 pounds and is a real cutie. He has started to giggle and smile which delights his parents. Justin, Jo, and Ziggy will be flying to England in mid-July so that Ziggy can meet family there. Justin and Jo have been invited to play at the Glade Electronic Music Festival debuting Silvermouse in the UK. Silvermouse is the name of their husband and wife musical duo. Justin plays various instruments with world music flair and Jo provides interesting beats electronically. An article in a Santa Fe paper wrote, “Silvermouse is much more than a run-of-the-mill electronic group. The instrumentals take it to a new height of creativity and fun. A+.” So in addition to being busy first time parents, Justin and Jo are working hard to make a go of their music.

I’ll be sure to post another log as soon as the newest addition to our family arrives. I have posted the photos of our first month here on Cape Cod with this log and they show just how busy we have been. Sam has certainly kept us entertained!

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