Day 139, Year 3: Ubud to Lovina and Out to Sea
Date: Hari Kamis (Thursday), Bulan September 25, Pada Tahan 2008
Weather: Cloudy in South Bali; Sunny in the North; Winds SSE 25-30
Location: First Day of Passage to Bawean Island, Indonesia

It is 3:30 am here and I am on watch, so this will have to be short with promises of the full story tomorrow. Basically, we left Ubud before noon after doing just a little more shopping. When Komang came to get us, we left Justin and Jo to do the fun shopping and we went to the supermarket to get the things we need for our sail to Borneo. We then headed back to Lovina, where we did more grocery shopping and headed out to Windbird. We normally do our shopping for a long passage over a couple of days and it usually takes me a few hours to get fruits and veggies washed and put away. But we were all feeling like we might never be able to pull ourselves away from Bali, so we just pulled up anchor and left. Before sunset, we were headed northwest with no wind. I worked furiously trying to get things put away as well as cooking dinner, and as I did so, the boat motion changed from just a little bumpy to very rolly. As the evening progressed, the winds picked up to 25-30 knots and the seas are sloppy. We are having a not so pleasant trip at this point. It’s not terrible, but it is a harsh introduction for Justin for Jo. Neither of them could sleep in the v-berth as it is terribly hot and rolly. The front of the boat is the most uncomfortable, so they are now both trying to sleep in the cockpit. Mark is sleeping in the main salon in our sea berth and when he gets up, we will have Jo try that. In the meantime we are making great time and will be through a pass between two islands and into the Java Sea in early morning. If the kids think they can hang in there, we will continue to sail all day tomorrow and overnight tomorrow night to reach Bawean Island. If they feel they need a break, we can stop at one of the islands in the pass and rest before continuing. In any case, after staying a day in Bawean, we will head on to the Karimunjawa Islands north of Java. We are hoping to spend about four days there before traveling on to Borneo. But for now the goal is to just survive the night! I will write a more detailed log later today. Hopefully things will be calmer by that time. When the sun comes up the wind will probably go down to nothing, but I’m not sure what will happen with these sloppy seas. Sure hope that lay down as well and we have smooth sailing the rest of the way to Bawean.

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