Day 123, Year 3: Just a Day in the Bay
Date: Hari Selasa (Tuesday), Bulan Sèptèmber 9, Pada Tahan 2008
Weather: Beautiful Day with Winds in the Afternoon
Location: Teluk Naré (Kombal), NE Lombok, West Nusa Tengarra Province, Indonesia

Today was a workday. Mark went to Mataram to try to get online with our computer to updates finances, etc., but unfortunately it didn’t work for him. He was able to download some pics of Sam from Picasa and we love the one of him eating sushi with chopsticks. At the end of summer, his reddish-blonde hair looks more blonde and he has grown a bit since our last pictures. We are so hopeful that we will have a good internet connection in Bali and can see him via Skype once again.

I stayed on the boat and cleaned stainless and did the laundry. I had just sent a huge laundry to be done by Muhammad’s mother, but that was mostly towels and sheets. I did the run of the mill clothes today. I also worked on naming pictures, but I had a bit of a frustrating computer day as well. Even though I have removed almost all photos from my computer except the ones I am currently trying to name, I keep getting the message that my computer will hold no more. Tonight we will do a defrag
and hopefully that will straighten things out.

Tomorrow we are going to Gili Air to spend the day. We have looked forward to going there for so long, so I just can’t wait. Muhammad’s brother, Abdul, is taking us on his boat late morning and will bring us back after eight tomorrow night. We look forward to ‘eating our way’ around Gili Air. Evidently the food is good and cheap, so we will start by eating lunch and then work our way around the island until time for dinner.

Our plans after tomorrow are still not set. We called Dewi this morning. She is the woman organizing our Sail Indonesia travels and we wanted to find out more specifics about getting our Indonesian Visa extended. She came to Kombal Beach this afternoon at 4:30 and had us fill out our Visa applications and took the money and our passports for getting the job done. This means we are without a passport until after the start of the Bali rally on September 18. That is a little scary, but we will
trust that the passports return with our approved extension.

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