Day 94, Year 10: Passage to FL, Day 14—Tour of West Palm via Molly’s Trolley
Date: Monday, January 12, 2015
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Temp in the High 70’s F, Intermittent Rain in the PM
Location: Anchored Between the City Docks in West Palm Beach, FL

Our quick assessment of West Palm Beach after today’s free trolley tour is that it is a very welcoming city and a great stop along the way. Because of that, we will hang out here for a few more days. The town has more fountains, centers for the performing arts, and fake grass than any city I have ever visited. But those things can be forgiven. There are a gazillion restaurants which all look inviting and all parts of the city that we have seen so far are perfectly manicured. Of course, when the grass is fake, it is easy to look perfectly manicured! West Palm Beach is the oldest city in the southern Florida metropolitan area and it is obvious that the people here have worked hard to keep their little corner of the world in top-notch shape. There are two free trolleys, a green line that goes to the train station and a yellow line that goes out to CityPlace and the Convention Center. CityPlace is the upscale shopping area where all of the buildings have kept their old-time charm. Even the Publix supermarket is ‘camouflaged’. The whole of the downtown area is walkable, and even though we took the trolley from the waterfront to the end of the line just past CityPlace, we walked most of the way back home. We walked to the train station to check it out and then headed back toward the waterfront. We had planned to walk all the day, but it started to mist. About that time a trolley came along, so we hopped on. The misty rain continued off and on through the afternoon and evening, but it is such a light rain that it is not much of a bother. Mark and I worked on cleaning the boat this afternoon. I washed down the deck and Mark followed me doing an AwlCare wax job. He then got down in the dinghy and cleaned the black off the back of Windbird that comes from the exhaust. After he was done, I cleaned the dinghy and that was the end of the work day. Tomorrow morning we will take the trolley to the train station and the train to Boynton Beach. Brad will meet us there and then we will head on down to Fort Lauderdale to Holy Cross Hospital where Mark will meet his new oncologist, Dr. Christina Gomez. We are anxious to meet her and to get the next couple of months of treatments scheduled. Once we have those dates, we can more definitely plan our trip itinerary. So onward we go.

150112 Day 94 Passage to Florida–Day 14, West Palm Beach Tour via Molly's Trollley
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