Day 91, Year 10: Passage to FL, Day 11—Cocoa to Vero Beach
Date: Friday, January 9, 2015
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, N 10-15, Temp in the 70’s F
Latitude: 27 39.746 N
Longitude: 080 22.338 W
Location: Moored in Vero Beach City Marina, Vero Beach, FL
Miles Traveled: 47.5 Nautical Miles

Today was what I call a monochrome day. It was cloudy most of the day and a bit hazy. Everything looked either black or white or gray except for an occasional pink or red roof. And not much happened, which can be a good thing. As Lynda pointed out this evening, nothing went wrong. We just kept plodding further south. I did go aground once when I was going around a dredge, but it was a soft landing and we were able to back off without incident. We saw lots of dolphins and birds, but even they were either black or white or gray. Once we reached the marina, we picked up a mooring that we had reserved. If you are traveling with someone, this marina asks that you raft up because they have only so many transient moorings. So we are rafted with Sea Turtle. The instant we got here, we put the dinghy down in the water, put on the motor, and took off. Lynda stayed on Sea Turtle, but Lee and Mark took me to the marina so I could do laundry and they went to the office to check-in for us. Then they took off in the dinghy to find a grocery store. We read that you could just dinghy up the creek and the office staff said that was true. But the problem when they got there was that there was no place to tie up the dinghy and go ashore. All of the docks were privately owned. But they looked harder and found an old rickety dock that they tied to. It had a sign declaring it as private property, but the path led to a parking, so they continued. They found a great little supermarket and bought the items Lynda and I had put on lists. It was dark when they returned, so Mark dropped Lee off at Sea Turtle and came to rescue me from the laundry. We then went back to have Happy Hour with Lee and Lynda on Sea Turtle. We’ve been traveling for 11 days now and have hardly seen each other, so it was great to sit and relax together.

The weather is getting warmer, but unfortunately the forecast calls for rain for the next seven days. Yuck! But on closer inspection, actually only one of those days has a high chance of precip. I’m hoping the forecast is wrong and that we will warm, Sunny days for our arrival in the Fort Lauderdale area.

150109 Day 91 Passage to Florida–Day 11, Cocoa to Vero Beach
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