Day 89, Year 10: Passage to FL, Day 9—Daytona to Titusville
Date: Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Weather: Sunny, Winds NW 5-10, Temp in the 60’s F
Latitude: 28 31.543 N
Longitude: 080 46.174 W
Location: Anchored Behind the NASA Causeway Bridge, S of Titusville, FL
Miles Traveled: 48.9 Nautical Miles

The march to southern Florida continues. We had another good day traveling down the Intracoastal, spotting lots of wildlife and seeing some of the Kennedy Space Center from a great distance. We left Daytona at 7:30 am, traveled through Mosquito Lagoon where we saw dolphins and birds of all kinds, including osprey. I loved hearing the familiar cry of the osprey—made me a bit homesick for Cape Cod. But there were no manatees to be seen. The signs are everywhere posting ‘Manatee Zone’ but thankfully for the manatees they must be smart enough to stay out of the high traffic area.

Lee got really great news today. Lehr is going to replace his dinghy motor with a brand new one. It will be delivered to Cocoa tomorrow afternoon. Evidently once they got into the motor they found more things wrong than the switch that was being sent from California. Since it is basically a brand new motor, it should not have had these issues, thus the replacement. When we get to Cocoa in the morning, we will take our motor to a little place not far from the anchorage to have them clean the carburetor. If that doesn’t fix it, we will have to continue on and get it fixed once we have a temporary home base. Our dinghy motor is a Yamaha Enduro 2-stroke, 15 horse power engine. We bought it in Malaysia over six years ago and thankfully have not had to have repairs. But because it was not made in the US, Yamaha dealers here don’t have a parts list. They tell us it will take about five days to get parts if they are needed. So we’ll hope it is a quick fix not needing new parts.

We’ll leave Cocoa on Friday morning with at least one dinghy (ours) and one dinghy motor (Lee’s new one) in working condition. That will make transportation to and from shore so much easier, especially since none of us walk on water! We have made reservations for a city mooring in Vero Beach for Friday night, on to either Stuart or Jupiter on Saturday night, and into West Palm Beach in southern Lake Worth on Sunday. There are places to anchor there with dinghy dock access. So we are going to give it a try for at least a couple of days, and maybe longer if we really like it. And if nothing else breaks down, we can start concentrating on having fun.

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