Day 365, Year 10: Saturday with Mary Ellen and Lee
Date: Saturday, October 10, 2015
Weather: Windy and Cool but Sunny
Location: Quissett Harbor, Falmouth, MA

Today was soccer day for Sam and Jonah. Heather was in Boston attending a conference, so Mark, Mary Ellen, Lee, and I went to the games. Jed is an assistant coach for Sam’s team and the only coach for Jonah’s team, so his attention has to be on the games. We helped out by playing with Ollie. It was a beautiful morning, albeit just a tad cool and windy. Sam’s game was in a protected park, but Jonah’s game was on the recreational soccer fields by the ocean. It is a gorgeous spot, but was windier, thus cooler, than the earlier game. But by cool, I mean a high in the upper 50’s. With the sunshine, that is just fine, so after Jonah’s game we all went down to the beach to let the boys take off their shoes and run in the sand. We then came back to Heather and Jed’s for lunch. Lee and Mary Ellen went to Mass at 4 pm and Mark and I continued to hang out with the boys. Jed left for a birthday party for a good friend around 5 pm and at 5:30 pm we gathered in the living room with the boys and Molly and Joey from next door to watch the Chicago Cubs play the St. Louis Cardinals. Lee is a die-hard Cubs fan of many years and the boys really enjoyed watching the game with him and listening to his commentary. The day gave Lee and Mary Ellen a chance to really get to know Sam, Jonah, and Ollie and that was very special. Heather was driving home from Boston to meet Jed at the birthday party and they should be home soon. We will then head back to Windbird. In the morning we will meet Heather and family in Woods Hole for breakfast and then Heather will be on her way to back to Boston and we are thinking we might take the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard.

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