Day 167, Year 10: Back to Warderick Wells
Date: Thursday, March 26, 2015
Weather: Partly Sunny, Winds SSE 10-15
Latitude: 24 23.015 N
Longitude: 076 37.464 W
Location: Emerald Rock Mooring Field, Warderick Wells, Exumas

The weather rules and after listening to the 6:30 am weather report, we decided that it was best to head north today instead of waiting until tomorrow. There is a possibility of squalls punching 40-50 knot winds tomorrow afternoon, and it just didn’t sound like a good time to be out sailing. So Mark didn’t get to finish cleaning the bottom and I didn’t get all of my photos properly labeled and uploaded, but I simply uploaded them and will have to go back and name them later. Wow! We saw so much sea life while Kevin and Claire were here and it was hard to limit the number of photos. If you are interested in seeing what we saw, you can now go back to the logs for each day and click on the single photo. That should then open up the whole folder.

Sea Turtle is once again traveling with us and both of us are on a mooring in the southern Warderick Wells area known as the Emerald Rock mooring field. We will have 15 knot winds blowing from the southerly sector tonight and tomorrow making this mooring field a bit bouncy. But when the cold front comes through during the early hours on Saturday, it will bring strong northerly winds and we should be fairly well protected. The winds will continue to blow from the north on Sunday, so we will be here all weekend. We are hoping for a little E in the N winds on Monday that will allow us to move just a little further north to the next island, Hawksbill Cay. By Monday we should have some idea of the weather for the next seven days and we will make a decision about heading quickly north and west to Florida or lingering here a little longer. Right now it sounds like Thursday and Friday of next week would be a good time to cross the Gulf Stream, so unless that window is going to stay open for a few days, we will probably have to move faster than we’d like. Mark needs to be back in Florida for a treatment on Thursday, April 9, so that is our target. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us. Lee and Lynda invited us over for sundowners this evening and we had a pleasant evening together. Tomorrow is Lynda’s birthday so we’ll have to conjure up some more fun. Mark and I will begin our day with a snorkel out on Malabar Cays as we didn’t have time to do this while Kevin and Claire were here with us. Low tide is around 9 am, so we’ll get an early start. Snorkeling is best done at slack near low tide, but there are lots of land walks that we could do later during the day. Maybe we’ll pack a picnic lunch and head to the beach. We’ll just have to see where the day leads us.

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