Day 382, Year 1: More Weather
Date: Saturday, November 4, 2006
Weather: Sunny and Even Windier Than Yesterday
Location: Pangaimotu Island, Tongatapu Group, Tonga

Momma Mia! How does one figure out this weather? Weather Guru McDavitt in New Zealand answered our Thursday email inquiry about leaving here on Monday or Tuesday with a “wait and see what I say on Sunday.” Jim and Pam on Aurora sent him a similar email wanting to leave on Wednesday and he said wait until November 15. Tonight we hear that Jay on Espri emailed him today and asked him about leaving on Monday and he said something to the effect that it would be tight but possible. Mark and Doug on Windcastle are meeting with Mark on Diva and Jay on Espri tomorrow morning at 10:30 to compare notes. We will wait for McDavitt’s Sunday report and then make our decision about leaving. It looks like there is a tiny window for leaving Monday morning, November 6. And if we can’t leave then, it will be at least November 15 before we can move. It’s a good thing we love it here because we could be here a VERY long time. We’ll know more tomorrow night.

The high winds arrived today and our calm anchorage became just a little bumpy, but nothing bad. Mark and I tried to clean the bottom of the boat, but the wind and current made it almost impossible. We got enough done that if we were to leave on Monday, we would be fine. But if we don’t leave, we will wait for calmer weather and make one more go at it.

We heard from Randy and Sheri on Procyon today. They arrived in New Zealand on November 1 after an eight day passage. It was a good passage, but Sheri kissed the ground when they arrived. After the health problems Randy has had, their goal was just to reach New Zealand and they did. We are so happy for them.

Not much else to report today. Life is good. The water is warm and even though it was windy, I was able to spend quite a long time in water in just my swim suit and wasn’t even chilly when I got out in the wind. I think summer is arriving here in the southern waters.

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