Day 337, Year 1: Web-site Back Up and Running
Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Weather: Improving—Sunshine with Short Periods of Rain
Location: Apia Harbor, Upolu Island, Samoa

The Convergence Zone which was sitting on top of us yesterday has already moved south. This is a good thing. So now you see it, now you don’t. And I hope we don’t see it again for quite a while.

We started our day by going into The Green Turtle Traveler’s Lounge. First we did some work on the website, which should be back up and running again. Yeah! Mark went into town to get our permit to sail to Asau on the island of Savai’ once we leave here. While he was doing that we were talking to the people at the Green Turtle about traveling options on Savaii. But Mark came back without a cruising permit because the Prime Minister’s office (and in fact the entire six-story government building) was without electricity so they couldn’t photocopy our passports. So we will have to pursue this another day.

We then headed back to Windbird for a little lunch and went to the Palolo Reserve which is right around the corner to swim and snorkel. Once we did this, it was time to head back to the dock. Justin and Lynn went into town to participate in fire dancing lessons (Justin to participate and Lynn to video tape the presentations) and Mark and I headed back to the Green Turtle to make final reservations for our two day trip to Savai’i.. We kept hitting a brick wall in terms of making our reservations for Savai’i, and because of the delays we have decided not to go to Savai’i until early Thursday morning.

So we came back to the boat and cooked up a great curry while Justin went back to town to watch a show by the fire dancers he had met earlier. Tomorrow we have to get serious about getting reservations in order for our trip to Savai’i.


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