Day 336, Year 1: It’s Back (the CZ) . . . Ugh
Date: Monday, September 18, 2006
Weather: Yucky Rain with Periods of Relief
Location: Apia Harbor, Upolu Island, Samoa

Here we are again with the Convergence Zone sitting on top of us. We can hope it moves either north or south soon, but until it does, we have to put up with the rainy, rainy weather. We chose to do in-town activities today. We visited local art museums, went back to the Maketi Fou vegetable market, and then on to the local arts and crafts flea market. We made it back to the harbor area in time to drop off our purchases on Windbird and get back to shore for a dinner with Quantum Leap and Aqua Magic. Both of them are heading to Tonga in the next couple of days, so we needed to say a proper farewell.

Even with the bad weather, we had a great day. We hope that the CZ will move either north or south, and that tomorrow we will have sunny weather.

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