Day 288, Year 1: Moving About in the Anchorage
Date: Tuesday, August 1, 2006
Weather: Beautiful Blue Skies with Rain Showers Here and There
Location: Avatiu Harbor, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

This will be a short log. We just returned from an evening aboard Endangered Species. Rick and Robin and John hosted the entire anchorage. We had a great time, but we are all dead tired, or at least Mark and I are. Linda claims that she and Mike and Garret are just fine, but then they did sleep on the beach today. Or maybe it is just that they are younger. Whatever, I am a short-timer tonight.

We didn’t get home until almost midnight last night and we were up early this morning. We spent the entire day moving boats about in the anchorage. We had to leave the harbor early this morning while the square-rigger, Soren Larsen, exited. We were not alone as we left the harbor. Wind Pony, O’Hona Kai, and Holokai left the harbor with us.. Once we returned, we were the second in line to anchor. But even once we were anchored and in position again, there were more moves that had to be made during the day. After about six hours, we were finally secured and hope that we don’t need to move again until we leave here this weekend.

There are more details from today that I would like to share, but that will have to be in tomorrow’s log. It is definitely time to turn in for tonight.

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