Day 261, Year 1: Fighting the Weather
Date: Wednesday, July 5, 2006
Weather: Another Cloudy, Rainy Day in Bora Bora
Location: Bora Bora (Society Islands, French Polynesia)

The weather here is really not cooperating. Today started out as a bit of an overcast day, but by 10 AM the rains set in and we continued to have heavy rains for the remainder of the day. Every time we thought it was going to clear, the rain returned with a revenge. In the middle of the afternoon, we had 25 knot winds in the anchorage with white caps. By 4 PM calmer weather returned and at this time it looks like things might clear up. Let’s just hope that is correct.

Last night we attended a Heiva program in Vaitape. We arrived around 7:30 PM for the 8:00 PM show. First we saw singing which was very good and then the dancing program started at about 9 PM. This was spectacular. There were about 60 dancers involved and their costumes were really beautiful. It was so great that we hope to go back tomorrow nights to see other groups perform.

We started our day today with another snorkeling adventure and just as the rains started, we returned to the boat. We took it easy for the remainder of the day and waited for the rains to stop. The snorkeling adventure was truly remarkable. We tied to a buoy used by the hotel dive boats and it was immediately obvious that they feed the fish in this area. You could literally put your hand in the water and scoop up fish if you so desired. There was a greater variety than we saw yesterday and we just truly enjoyed the moment.

The rest of the day was spent trying to stay dry. We are truly hoping for a better tie tomorrow. We had Monica and Felix from Makani over for dinner tonight and had a great time socializing with old friends. Unfortunately, it is late and I am very tired, so I’ll sign off for tonight. I will add more detail tomorrow.

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