Life After Windbird, Day 68: Debate Night
Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Weather: Partly Cloudy, High in the 70’s, Low in the 50’s
Location: At Home at The Studio, Falmouth, MA

The big highlight of today was tonight’s Presidential debate. No matter what political stand you take, the debate was not a deal breaker for either candidate. But I do find it earth shattering to hear a presidential candidate refuse to say whether or not he will accept the results of the election. Not a democratic statement in my mind, actually I found it horrifying, so thank goodness we have less than three weeks to go.

Heather came over to watch the debate tonight and to work on my computer email problem. Justin tried to work on this earlier today, but was not able to take control of my computer because of a password issue. Basically, for a couple of weeks I have only been able to send or receive emails immediately after booting my computer. If I don’t send/receive immediately, I lose the window of opportunity. But Justin couldn’t figure out the problem, and neither could Heather. So tomorrow, after backing up a lot of files, I will take my computer into the local computer shop and see if they can figure out the problem. Tonight, however, I am writing this log on Mark’s computer and after I transfer files in the morning, I will just use this computer until the problem is resolved. Thankfully I have the back up.

The weather continues to be more like summer than fall. Absolutely delightful. But tomorrow the temperature starts to drop. Heather and gang will come over for dinner tomorrow night as they have another activity on Friday evening. Then on Saturday morning, I’ll head to New Hampshire for a weekend visit. Think that is it for the news from today.

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