Life After Windbird, Day 42: The Day After
Date: Friday, September 23, 2016
Weather: Mixed Sun and Clouds; High 80 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Studio #8, Falmouth, MA

The day after sending your soulmate’s ashes out to sea is the day when you start moving forward, one little baby step at a time. It was also a day with family and friends. Justin, Jo, and I got up at 5 am to get them ready for their return trip to Puerto Rico. After having them here for two weeks, it was very, very hard to see them drive away. But Coco and Ziggy need to return to school and Justin and Jo need to return to work. Things need to move back toward the normal. I had contacted friend Rick Smith to take them to the airport for their 10:45 am flight and I went back to bed for a bit. I got up for the second time at 8:30 to go with Lee to return the rental car. With Justin and Jo gone, we no longer needed two cars. At 9 am, ME, Lee, Steve, and myself met with Alan and Helaine Kanegsberg at Betsy’s Diner for breakfast. We all returned here and when the Kanesbergs left, the rest of us headed to Woods Hole for a little tour. The day flew by so quickly and mid-afternoon we took Mary Ellen home for a little nap while Steve, Lee, and I went to Heather’s to do a little backyard clean-up after last night’s celebration. We also took Chef Roland’s platters and bowls back to him. I came home for a short time to take care of some business issues and then at 5 pm, I went to Mariner’s Point to have happy hour with the Handley-French crew. We came back here for dinner that had been delivered by Bruce and Jane Woodin. They brought us a wonderful beef stew and it was so delightful to be able to just sit around and remanence about happy times we have spent together instead of having to cook dinner. Thank you, thank you to Bruce and Jane.

ME, Lee, and Steve fly back to Florida tomorrow. I have decided to drive them to Boston to the airport so that I can spend just a little more time with them. Once they are gone, I will have a week alone before some of my nieces and nephews fly in to visit next weekend. It is comforting to know that after a few days alone, I will once again be surrounded by family. Of course, I always have Heather, Jed, and boys, but it will be nice to have family staying here with me.

But the most important thing tonight is to get to bed a little earlier than I have been for the past few nights so I will have the energy for the drive to Boston. I’m going to do a little shopping on the way home and then go to dinner at Olivia and Terry White’s tomorrow night. Now is a time to be busy. After months of fighting with Mark for his life, always hoping for that miracle, but always knowing that eventually I would have to face the inevitable, I think for me it is best to stay busy for a time. Eventually I will slow down and reflect. But now is not that time for me.

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