2021 Life Logs, Day 95: Back to Normal
Date: Monday, April 5, 2021
Weather: Overcast; High 54, Low, 40 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Weatherwise, today was a repeat of yesterday . . . without the sunshine. There was a tad of brightness in the afternoon, but the cloud cover remained. But today was not a repeat of yesterday for me. It was a ‘back to normal’ day. The holiday weekend was over and my body’s strong response to the second Moderna vaccine was also over. I had a few chills before bedtime last night, so I piled on the blankets and slept through the night. Hurray! I hope that my reaction to the second vaccine is as close as I ever get to the coronavirus symtoms.

I spent today writing and am very close to ending another chapter. Chapter 13 covers the five weeks we spent in the Society Islands in French Polynesia—Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, and Bora Bora. For three of those weeks, Mark’s sister Mary Ellen and brother-in-law Lee were with us and I have called them a few times in the last few days to ‘check’ my memory. And as I have noted in prior logs, I think it is fitting that Chapter 13 covers the time when I broke my leg. I am just glad that it did not seem to change anything. We continued doing everything we had been doing. I just had to learn new ways to do those things. By Tuesday, I should be on to Chapter 14 which covers our passage to Rarotonga in in the Cook Islands where my friend Linda Stuart, her husband Mike, and son Garrett came to visit. Fun memories.

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