2021 Life Logs, Day 89: Out Like a Lamb
Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Weather: Sunny; High 52, Low, 43 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

March came in like a lion. On the first day of March it was overcast with pouring rain. I wrote in my log that evening that it was raining so hard in the morning that Shadow and I had to abort our Morning Mile walk. I think that was the first time all winter we had to totally abort. There were a couple of days that we only walked half a mile, but one of these was the second day of March! The second day of March was just COLD. Here was my weather summary in my log that day:

March 2: Overcast with Rain; High 31, Low, 24 degrees F (as low as 2 F with wind chill)

And it went on. March 3 was a little better in that it was mostly sunny and a little warmer, but the wind was coming from the north and it still felt icy. So, based on those weather reports, I say that March definitely came in like a lion on Cape Cod.

Today, being the last day of March, was a great improvement over the beginning of the month, Therefore, I declare that March went out like a lamb. It was sunny and 52 degrees today, a little windy, but not too bad. The high temperature tomorrow is supposed to be in the low 60’s, so I might abandon my writing for a couple of hours and do some gardening. Then we get rain, but I must remember that we need those April rains to bring the flowers (and peas that I will plant tomorrow) in May and June.

I got stuck in Tahiti today in my writing. Maybe it was because Tahiti was not one of my favorite places to visit on the voyage of Windbird or maybe it was because during the time we were there Mark’s sister Mary Ellen and brother-in-law Lee flew in to visit. We were so busy that I struggled to write logs during that time that accurately reflected what we were doing. So today I had to ‘fill in the blanks’ by going back and looking at photos and researching the names of places we visited to make sure my memory was correct. But I persisted and got us back to Moorea, the island ‘next door’ to Tahiti, where we had been for a few days before sailing to Tahiti to pick up Mary Ellen and Lee. Both Mark and I loved Moorea, but I tomorrow I will be writing about one dark memory from there—the evening I broke my leg. I rarely have looked back to that time. Once it happened, I decided that I just had to deal with it and move on. And I did. It was not a terrible break, just the fibula which is the smaller of the two bones in your lower leg. Hobbling on one leg with crutches was not fun, but other than snorkeling, I did most everything I would have without a broken leg—just a little slower. And I did manage to do a version of snorkeling in Bora Bora by wrapping my cast in a huge Zip-Lock baggie intended for storing bedding to keep the cast from getting wet and then leaning over the side of the dinghy with my face mask in the water. It was a bit awkward, but it worked!

This afternoon, instead of picking up Ollie after school, I picked Sam up after school and took him to his drum lesson. Jed was at work this afternoon and Heather had a meeting at Ollie’s school, so she picked him up. Tomorrow Ollie and I have a ‘date’ after school. He wants a bird feeder and seed specifically for chickadees, so we will go shopping. He is still under doctor’s orders to limit physical activity as the swelling in left knee due to Lyme disease persists. He is in his fourth week of taking doxycycline, but because the swelling has not gone down they will extend the time he is on the antibiotic. The doctor has removed the fluid two times, but in both cases, it just came right back. He has another doctor appointment this Friday, so we will just have to wait and see where things go from here. It pains me to watch him fighting this. How can a little tick cause so much trouble?!

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