2021 Life Logs, Day 88: New On-Demand Water Heater
Date: Monday, March 29, 2021
Weather: Sunny and Windy; High 51, Low, 31 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Today was new hot water heater day at the cottage. National Grid is my natural gas provider. In order to take advantage of their very generous offer to insulate and tighten up the cottage so that I am not wasting precious natural gas, they required a new hot water heater. My old did not have a built-in fan which caused it to leak fumes. The new one did not have to be an on-demand tankless one, but that’s what I wanted, and my gracious landlord said okay. Today was installation day. It took all morning, but things went smoothly. National Grid is busy these days and they cannot come recheck things until May 21, but hopefully they can start the work soon after.

After lunch I drove to Falmouth Heights Beach to meet friend Jane Wooden to walk and visit. It was too windy to walk along the beach, but we headed inland and that worked. When I got home, I had a surprise visit from another good friend, Olivia White. Olivia had been shopping at Mahoney’s Garden Center which is about a mile from here, so she decided she should stop by to say hello. I was delighted to see her and was sorry that my outside chairs are still in the basement. I must get them out so I can sit outside with friends. But we stood in the driveway and that worked. This weekend I get my second vaccine, but I am wondering if I am ever going to feel comfortable inviting people into my house or going into theirs. I am just not ready for that quite yet. After Olivia left, I had time to wind up the writing I had done during the morning and then it was time to pick Ollie up from school, take Jonah to the skatepark, come home and play ball with Shadow, and cook dinner. So goes a day in the life.

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