2020 Life Logs, Day 78: Talking About Traveling
Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Weather: Sunny; High 50 degrees, Low 38 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Last night I got an email introduction from Meghan Hannawalt, my friend with the goats that make my life happier without poison ivy. Meghan sent the email to introduce me to Carrie, a woman who works for one of the local newspapers. Carrie wanted to talk to me about my travels, so I emailed her this morning and this afternoon we spent time in my back yard, sitting a safe six feet apart, talking about living aboard boats and traveling. Carrie has also lived aboard, so she instantly understood my love of living aboard Windbird. I rambled on for two hours and have no idea how she will capture the essence of the conversation for a newspaper article. I wish her luck! I gave her a copy of my PowerPoint on a memory stick, so she has some photos. I will be anxious to see what she comes up with.

I spent my morning focused on gardening. The garlic is coming up in one of my raised beds and that encouraged me to get a move on. It is time to plant cool weather crops outside and seeds of warmer weather crops inside. So, I brought the shelving up from the basement and reassembled it. Tomorrow I hope to get the grow lights installs and plant the first trays. Yesterday I bought new bags of organic garden soil to add to the outside raised beds. I got that out of the back of the car this morning and will fill the beds on the first non-rainy day. Rain is forecast for tomorrow and maybe for Friday, so it might be Saturday before I get that job done and plant peas and arugula. I had top to get the peas planted on St. Patrick’s Day, but that just didn’t happen. Last night I signed up for my first Misfits delivery. That is the company I mentioned in an earlier log that delivers organic produce to your door once a week. I signed up for Friday deliveries, but I’m not sure if I will get the first delivery this Friday or next. When I do, I will report on that. I’m hoping these actions will minimize my trips to the grocery store this summer.

Monday and today roofers worked furiously to put new shingles on the roof of Shirley’s home across the driveway. There has been a lot of noise and action and that has kept Shadow very interested. It was after dark when they left tonight, so I’m not sure if they finished the job. But they are close. And if they didn’t finish, I’m sure they covered the unfinished areas to protect from tomorrow’s rain.

I didn’t hear from the Goldstones today, so I am going to assume that no news is good news. My friends Mike and Linda Stuart that arrived in Spain last week and over the weekend found themselves in a lockdown due to the coronavirus. They quickly found an Airbnb and will be there for at least the next two weeks. The supermarkets limit the number of people who can be inside, and if you are out walking, the police check to see where you are going. Their son Garrett and his wife Katie live in San Jose in California and they are experiencing the same thing. It doesn’t seem to matter where in the world you are, your life is being impacted drastically by this virus. Jane Woodin wrote an email today that asked, “Do you feel you are actors in a sci/fly movie? So weird….” Yes, I do. These truly are unprecedented times.

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