2020 Life Logs, Day 5: The Twelfth Day of Christmas
Date: Sunday, January 5, 2020
Weather: Partly Sunny and Colder; High 34, Low 18 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Today was the Twelfth Day of Christmas and for me that means the last day for my Christmas tree. I will keep the Christmas lights on through the night and in the morning the decorations will be stored away for another year and the tree will be taken outside. I donate to the Falmouth Band Parents who will pick up the tree and take it to the Blacksmith Shop Farms to be recycled. This organization has been doing this pick-up service for over 25 years to support the instrumental music program in Falmouth Public Schools.

Heather invited me over for dinner this evening and I got an update on their trip to Maine. But before I got an update, they had a special gift they brought home from Maine for Shadow. It was a lobster bow tie, just like the one Ollie has and loves.
His is white with red lobsters and Shadow’s is red with white lobsters. What a stylish little puppy! Now for the update. The Goldstones had a second Christmas with Jed’s mom, Marti, in Boothbay, and on New Year’s Day they headed to Mt. Abram in Bethel, Maine, for three days of snowboarding. All three boys made it to the intermediate trail and will return during the February vacation week for more fun in the snow at Sunday River which is very close to Bethel. They really enjoyed their time on the slopes of Mt. Abram and are so appreciative that Jed’s Aunt Carol, who lives in Bethel, invites them to come stay with her when they want to go snowboarding. She was a ski instructor for almost thirty years and is not only a gracious hostess, but a great coach for the boys.

The Goldstones returned from Maine with Zuzu, Ollie’s guinea pig that was injured on Christmas eve when he jumped out of Heather arms. He is functioning totally normally except that he doesn’t have the use of his back legs. He simply drags them behind him and seems quite happy to do so. If the veterinarian here in Falmouth agrees, they have decided to keep Zuzu and support him as a handicapped guinea pig. They have been designing a wheeled device that he can be strapped on that will help him get around. He will have to be kept in a cage separate from the other two g-pigs, but everyone is very happy with the decision to keep him.

Heather and Jed will both be home this week, Heather because her new job doesn’t start until next week, and Jed because he threw his back out today and is really struggling to move about. All he did was bend over to get something out the dryer, but as I know all too well, just the wrong little bend can cause days of agony. It was a reminder to me that I really do need to get back to the gym for those pilates classes to strengthen my core muscles. It is your abdominal muscles that keep your back from going out of alignment. So, I’ll be up and out of here early tomorrow morning for the Monday morning class.

And I can’t forget to mention the little white mouse. Heather and Jed returned from Maine with boxes of L. A. Burdick chocolates that were gifts from Jed’s Aunt Sue and Uncle John. These are wonderful chocolates and I especially appreciated the little white chocolate mouse in the box.

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