2020 Life Logs, Day 43: Art and Music and Coco and Ollie
Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2020
Weather: Mostly Sunny; High 44 degrees, Low 35 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Girl Talk is a British magazine for girls 7 to 12 and my granddaughter Coco, who is 7, gets the magazine sent to Puerto Rico by her British grandparents. A couple of weeks ago my daughter-in-law Jo posted a photo of Coco on Facebook describing it as “Coco delighting in texture, movement, color.” The photo is Coco swirling around in a long emerald green dress. It is a bit blurred making it look like a painting. It is perfect vision of Coco who has always been interested in drawing and painting. When she read about a slogan art contest in one of her issues of Girl Talk, she submitted a drawing and it will be in the February issue. At age 7, Coco is going to be published artist! That was special news to receive today.

The day seemed to be determined to focus on art and music and 7 year-olds. I decided to drive up near Boston to pick up the violin that I took in for repairs for Ollie. I made a couple of other stops, so naturally it took longer than I anticipated. When I got home it was almost time to take Ollie to violin lessons. And then it was time to run home and have a quick dinner before Ollie’s second grade school concert.
On the way home from his violin lesson he told me that he thought I would know and really enjoy one of their songs. In his special 7 year-old way, he proudly announced that the song was Count on Me by Bruno Mars. He didn’t tell me that one of the other songs was their music teacher’s rendition of one of my favorite children’s books, Caps for Sale. Mr. Charles read parts of the story interspersed with the children singing the repetitive lines and with each child getting a chance to keep the beat on a xylophone. It was a fun concert.

It was most sunny today, but I think we are expecting rain tomorrow. But that’s okay. I have a Newcomers General Meeting in the morning and a Memoir Writing Class in the afternoon. Between the two, I need to do some writing, so the rainy day will give me no excuse to go outside and do something else.

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