2020 Life Logs, Day 358: Merry Christmas to All
Date: Thursday, December 24, 2020
Weather: Mix or Sun and Clouds, Very Windy: High 51, Low 52 Degrees
Location: At Home in The Cottage, Falmouth, MA

Merry Christmas! Christmas Eve had always been my favorite day of the year. My father was a very somber man, but on Christmas Eve he transformed into a truly joyous person. Because of that and because it was an evening when my brothers and their sisters and their children would come home to celebrate, Christmas Eve has been a special time for me. But who would have thought that in 2020 I would have the most joyous Christmas Eve ever? There were many reasons for that. I spent my morning delivering little Christmas bags of goodies to friends. I met Jane Woodin in Mashpee Commons at the Cape Cod Coffee Café for coffee at a street side table. The temperature was in the 50’s, so despite the wind, we could sit outside comfortably. Then I drove to Bill and Midge Frieswyk’s where Midge had set up a table and chairs so we could have tea out in the driveway. By this time it was noon, so I drove to Terry and Olivia White’s and we visited on their doorstep. Both of them had on the red sweaters and looked the picture of Christmas. I had one more stop to make, but I had to put that on hold because I had promised Sam and Ollie I would take them shopping to buy Christmas presents for Heather and Jed. Ollie needed to buy something for Jed and needed to buy for both. By the time we went shopping and drove to my house to wrap the presents and play with Shadow, it was mid-afternoon and time to take them home so I could get back to take Shadow for his daily long walk, prepare my part of dinner for tonight, and wrap presents. I had planned to wrap presents tonight when I got home from dinner with the Goldstones, but because of the possibility of high winds and rain in the morning, I thought I’d better get the presents wrapped and delivered tonight

Shadow and I enjoyed our walk and then I worked like a frenzied elf to get the presents wrapped and the bacon-wrapped scallops prepared. By 6 pm, I decided I had to pack the car and do the rest of the cooking at Heather and Jed’s. We were having a Feast of Seven Fishes tonight and when I arrived, the table was beautifully set, Heather’s yule log was on display, Jed’s crescent rolls were on the center island, and the gravlax, shrimp, and oysters were already set out. We put my scallops in the broiler and Heather took over the cooking of the whiskey-glazed carrots and green beans with almonds for me. Heather served the clams and then Jed brought out the huge piece of tuna that he coated with sesame seeds and grilled to present the best ahi tuna I have ever had. It was truly a feast and was enjoyed by all.

After dinner Heather and boys headed down to the basement. Heather said to me that I might want to come down as there was something I would want to hear. While Sam, Ollie, and I were out shopping, she and Jonah had practiced playing Pachelbel’s Canon in D with Heather on violin and Jonah on bass guitar. I haven’t heard Heather play violin for years and I was so excited to see her playing with Jonah. It brought tears to my eyes to watch them. Then Sam decided to join in by playing drums and Ollie asked if he could also play violin with them. He had never played Pachelbel’s Canon, but with just a little direction from Heather, he did it. To see Heather playing music with her children was like a dream come true. It was all improvised in the moment and was absolutely beautiful and the tears of joy were streaming down my cheeks. Jed was on the phone with his mother, Marti, during this and I think she got to hear some of what was happening. There were two very proud grandmothers witnessing this and then Jonah said that we need to get a keyboard so Jed can join them. What a great idea!

Justin and Jo have played music together since they met. Justin plays the stringed instruments and Jo modulates his music and plays the keyboard. I know that Ziggy is interested in playing the guitar and Coco has a ukulele. Hopefully they are all playing together as well. I talked to Justin briefly tonight and Jo sent some Christmas Eve pictures. While the Goldpebbles were opening pajama presents from mommy and daddy and a book from me, Ziggy and Coco opening the books I sent to them. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that we share the love of music and the love of books together on this special night.

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