2020 Life Logs, Day 337: Still Caught in the Christmas Scramble
Date: Thursday, December 3, 2020
Weather: Mostly Sunny: High 49, Low 44 Degrees
Location: At Home in The Cottage, Falmouth, MA

Yet another beautiful day that I spent mostly inside, either doing online shopping or actually going out to shop. I got a text from Jo this morning saying that she heard the governor of Puerto Rico was going to ban all shopping for non-essential items which means no Christmas shopping. She was so sad for many of the children in Puerto Rico that would get no Christmas presents as their parents might not have the financial where withal to do online shopping. And she was hoping I could help her by buying stocking stuffers for Ziggy and Coco. She and Justin can order bigger things online, but that’s tricky for small stocking stuffers. My niece in Tennessee also contacted me this morning to help her with some online shopping. And I needed to complete my online orders for my gifts for JJZ&C in Puerto Rico. Right now things are being delivered on time, but I fear a rise in Covid cases could interrupt that. So, I put aside my outdoor activities for today and focused on shopping. It is going to take another entire day to sort things out. While I was in town shopping, I took a laundry load to Heather and Jed’s. While there, I asked Heather if there were things I could get for her while I was shopping. She made a quick list, so I was buying for all the grandkids at one time. Now I just need to get things sorted and delivered or put in the mail. I was working at the speed of light and will need to go back and make a list of the online orders. I couldn’t’ get everything on Amazon, so I have things coming from here and here. I did get a lot done . . . I’m just not sure what!

As I ended my shopping frenzy, I got another text from Jo saying she things she misunderstood the governor’s mandate. She thinks it only applies to Sunday. So what I didn’t get today, I don’t need to worry about. She can take over from here. At that same time, I got a text from the office of the governor of Massachusetts telling me that Covid cases on the rise in my town and that I need to protect my loved ones by avoiding groups. I read that to mean that I need to avoid shopping in stores, so I was glad that I had made the decision to do this today instead of waiting for a rainy day. The rainy days will come, but the Covid situation might require staying at home. I keep hearing people say they are so done with Covid, but it is obviously not done with us. It is time to become extremely vigilant.

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