2020 Life Logs, Day 333: A Little Outdoor Time
Date: Sunday, November 29, 2020
Weather: Sunny; High 52, Low 44 Degrees
Location: At Home in The Cottage, Falmouth, MA

It was another beautiful day, but somehow I managed to not take full advantage. I enjoyed my day, but didn’t get the yard work done that needs to happen before we start getting winter weather And when I look at the weather for the next nine days, I see that rain is forecast for more than half of those days. So, I will have to plan the outdoor work carefully and take full advantage of dry days. I had hoped that the Goldpebbles were coming over this afternoon to do yard work, but that didn’t happen. Heather did come over with another van load of leaves. I am trying to fill in an area between the back yard and the woods and the leaves are doing that job for me. I washed my car, hung out a laundry, and cleaned out the shed where I store my bicycle. I’m a slow starter in the mornings and that is a real detriment right now as it gets dark so early in the afternoon. You have only four hours between noon and sundown. I use my mornings to walk Shadow and today I headed into town before noon to attend a weekly Black Lives Matter vigil. I stopped by Heather and Jed’s to pop a laundry load in, but I knew I would have to bring the wet clothes home and hang them out as Jed has disconnected the dryer to rerun the exhaust hose. They were getting a lot of moisture in the laundry area while drying clothes and when Jed investigated, he found that the exhaust hose to the dryer was not connected and all the lint had built up in the opening and was blocking any exhaust. By the time I picked up my laundry after the Black Lives Matter vigil, got home to hang up the laundry and eat lunch, there were only a couple of hours of daylight left. I did enjoy the time I had outside and have promised myself to be more focused on future sunny, dry days.

I got the most interesting photos from Justin this afternoon. The first one was of what I call a big banana spider, but it is also called a golden-orb weaver because of their beautiful webs. Justin had placed his hand behind the web to show that the spider with outstretched legs was as big as his hand. In the second photo, he had placed Coco at a distance behind the spider and its web that gave the illusion that the spider with outstretched legs was as big as her face. She added an appropriate look of fear to make for a very entertaining photo . . . unless you are an arachnophobe!

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