2020 Life Logs, Day 290: Goldpebble Overnight
Date: Saturday, October 17, 2020
Weather: Chilly AM, Sunny PM; High 58, Low 41 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, Falmouth, MA

An hour and a half ago, I tucked in the Goldpebbles and have been catching on email communication with family and friends since then. I keep bugging Heather, asking her what I can do to be helpful, so she asked if I would have the boys over so she and Jed could have a night to themselves. Jonah called it a date, but I don’t think they were going out. I think they just wanted some adult alone time. And, of course, I was very enthusiastic about the idea as I love having the boys come stay over. It will be a different this time as Sam and Jonah have to be up and ready for take-off at 8 am. Sam has a rowing regatta in Harwich which is a good hour’s drive and Jonah has his first soccer game. I am not sure of the location for that. I just know we have to get up at 7 am and have a hearty breakfast so Sam and Jonah be ready for their activities. Heather will take one kid while Jed takes the other. Ollie will stay with me and shown some interest in going to see Sam rowing in the regatta. But then tonight he said he would just like to stay here with me and do some ‘projects.’ So, we’ll see what the morning brings.

I spent my day cleaning house. Having the boys come gave me the incentive to do that. I have been enjoying life too much all summer and into the fall to worry about house cleaning. But it was painfully obvious to me today that I need to spend a couple of days, not just a couple of hours, doing some deep cleaning. And then I need to get down in the basement and do a reorganization. I’ll reserve rainy days for these mundane cleaning chores or just do a little bit each day. Maybe that is a better strategy. I went to pick up the boys at 4 pm and by the time we got here it was almost 5 pm. This is a weekend when we have often gone to the Wellfleet OysterFest, but there since there is no OysterFest this year due to Covid, the 20th annual Oyster Shucking Contest was streamed on YouTube. The boys wanted to watch the contest, so that is how we spent our evening. They love cooking shows, and this was a little like that. There were many suggestions for how to prepare oysters. Sam and Ollie were more interested in the Shucking Contest than Jonah, but all found it interesting enough to watch. I think watching a shucking contest on YouTube was probably much more interesting than watching it in person. Afterwards, we had pulled pork on homemade buns for dinner along with mac and cheese and a salad. Jonah doesn’t eat pulled pork, but Sam and Ollie made up for that fact by eating enough for at least three people instead of just two.

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