2020 Life Logs, Day 287:  Planting Strawberries
Date:  Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Weather:  Sunny; High 67, Low 54 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, Falmouth, MA

What?  Planting strawberries in October?  Well, yes.  And I haven’t lost my mind.   It was really transplanting strawberries from summer hanging pots to one of my raised beds.  I have no idea how this will affect the plants, but I was afraid that leaving them in the hanging pots for the winter would certainly kill them.  These were hanging pots that I planted for Heather’s deck and it just didn’t work out because the birds ate all the strawberries.  In the raised bed, I can easily cover the strawberries with netting, so hopefully we’ll get a good crop next summer.

What else did I do today?  I harvested basil and made pesto to freeze for use this winter.  I used a recipe suggested by friend Jane Woodin.  She uses the Moosewood recipe.  The Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen was first published in the 1970’s.  I don’t find my original copy on my cookbook shelf, so I must have given it away.  But some of the Moosewood recipes from that book are my lifetime favorites and I think the pesto recipe will be added to my list of favorites.  I did a taste test and it was delicious.  Jane swears that you can add the parmesan cheese and then freeze it.  Others say you should not add the parmesan before freezing.  But when I freeze it without the cheese, I always forget to add it later.  Sure hope this works.

I had a great Skype call with Justin, Coco, and Ziggy this evening.  Jo wasn’t home until the very end, but I did get to say hello to her before we signed off.  I also picked Ollie up after school.  I took Shadow with me and I introduced Ollie to the new ChuckIt! that helps launch tennis balls for Shadow to fetch.  Shadow loves it so much and if you have the ChuckIt! in your hand, he will follow you anywhere.  We enjoyed time in the backyard playing catch with Shadow.  And I spent a bit of time making donations to the Biden-Harris campaign and to Warren Democrats in honor of my niece Lynn.  Lynn worked so hard as an Elizabeth Warren for President volunteer and after Warren got out of the presidential race, Lynn continued to work encouraging people to get out to vote and she worked as a Warren Democrat to get down ballot Democrats elected around the country.  So, I felt really good about my time making donations today and thinking about Lynn.

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