2020 Life Logs, Day 277: Great Progress at 43 Grasmere
Date: Sunday, October 4, 2020
Weather: Partly Sunny; High 65, Low 53 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, Falmouth, MA

Great progress was made at 43 Grasmere this weekend, culminating in Ollie and Jonah getting to move into their bedroom tonight. When the Goldstones moved into their new home in April, the carpeting was stripped from the two upstairs bedrooms and it has been a constant project to get walls removed. walls painted, and wood flooring laid. They got a little help with the removal of walls in Jonah and Ollie’s bedroom and painting in that room, but otherwise, Heather and Jed have done all the rest of the work themselves–painting walls and trim and laying wood flooring themselves. This weekend they made a huge push to get Ollie and Jonah moved out of the bonus room over the garage and into their new bedroom. Jed finished off the flooring before the weekend, but they had to get the trim in, assemble the new beds and desks, and remove a ceiling fan. By dinner time tonight, the move was mostly complete. The bonus room was turned into an office and quiet space and furniture was moved into Ollie and Jonah’s room. They still need to work on lighting and a few small details in the new bedroom, but it looks great.
I got a few photos tonight, but will have to get better photos of the completed project during the day. I am just so happy that so much progress was made and that now all three boys have completed bedrooms that they love and that the bonus room can now be used as a school space for Sam and his friend Robert, and a quiet get away for everyone else in the family who needs a change of scenery from their school and office spaces in other parts of the house. Redesigning a home to accommodate working and schooling at home is quite a challenge during these cornonavirus days, but I think the Goldstones have nailed it.

I talked to my good friends Kevin and Claire tonight. Mark and I met Kevin and Claire when we were both living aboard our sailboats in Boston in 2003. Mark and I were living aboard Windbird and Kevin and Claire were living aboard Merganser. Even though Kevin and Claire are in the same age bracket as our children, we became friends for life. More recently, they have been living aboard Merganser in Philadelphia while Kevin worked from home and Claire was managing a research project at Princeton in New Jersey. In mid-September, they sold Merganser and are moving their land yacht, a motor home, to the Los Angeles area where they will continue their work remotely. They called today because they have finally left Pennsylvania and are headed cross country. They are in Ohio tonight and will be heading to Bloomington, Indiana, tomorrow, and have promised to keep me updated on their travels. Their destination is the Golden Shore RV Park in Long Beach, California. Kevin’s mother, his sister and her family, and Claire’s only sibling, a sister and her family all live in the LA area. So, they are very excited to get there to be closer to family. Here’s hoping they have a wonderful trip across this country and reach their destination safely.

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