2020 Life Logs, Day 259: The Warriors and Wine Group Friends
Date: Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Weather: Mostly Sunny, Very Windy; High 70, Low 62 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, Falmouth, MA

It was another great day with the Goldpebbles even though our original plan didn’t work out. I went early to pick them up and take them to Chapaquoit Beach. From there we were going to walk along the shore to Black Beach, a private beach that can only be reached by living on Black Beach Road, or by getting there by boat or by walking as the road leading in is private. We knew the high temp today was going to be about 70 degrees F and the sun was shining. But we were not prepared for the strong winds that were blowing when we got to Chappy Beach. Jonah and Ollie had on their dive suits, but even with that protection, the wind put a chill into the air that none of us really wanted to confront. So we changed plans and headed to my house.
The boys launched a kayak and Sam paddled out towing the Rubber Dockie. Jonah and Ollie followed on their boogie boards. They reached the Rubber Dockie, but the wind was blowing so hard that the edges of the mat were being blown up out of the water acting like a sail. They persisted for a bit, but much sooner than usual, they headed back to the dock. We had our picnic lunch down by the dock, with the boys rotating turns at heading to the cottage to take showers. Once everyone had a shower and lunch, we headed on to the next activity which was building body armor out of recycled materials.
Using the insulation that lines my weekly deliveries of organic fruits and veggies from Misfits, along with a lot of duct tape and clear packing tape, all three boys crafted their armor. They ended up having only a few minutes to battle in the backyard, but they enjoyed those few minutes. Sam had a friend arriving at his house at 3:30 pm, so we had to stop the battle and head home. Once I dropped the boys off, I then headed to a monthly meeting of my Newcomers Wine Group.

This month’s Wine Group meeting was at Kim Caverly’s in West Falmouth. We met on her deck, using social distancing. There are four couples plus Kim and I in the group, so ten of us all together. I love getting together with this interesting, eclectic, and fun-loving group of people. This month’s theme was simply to pick a bottle of wine that was in our wine collection to bring as a mystery wine. White wine drinkers brought bottles of red wine and red wine drinkers brought white wines. It was an interesting conglomeration of wines that were enjoyed by all. It was a great evening, giving each of us a time to talk about how we are doing during these Covid times. Kim was a most gracious host and sent each of us home with a wine bottle filled with battery-operated twinkle lights. And she turned us on to individually packaged snacks from Trader Joe’s that are the perfect snack to serve during Covid times. Thank you, Kim.

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