2020 Life Logs, Day 257: Happy Birthday, Justin
Date: Monday, September 14, 2020
Weather: Mix of Sun and Clouds; High 75, Low 52 Degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, Falmouth, MA

Happy birthday to Mark’s brother Steve. Happy birthday to my ‘second’ son, Kevin Russell. And happy birthday to Justin. I didn’t get to talk to him for long today as he and the kids were in the truck heading into town to get ice cream when I called. But going to get ice cream led me to believe that he was having a great day! When I think back to the day Justin was born, it brings back such wonderful memories.
He was born at home in the tiny little town of Jenkins, Minnesota where we had a small 10-acre farm. I was in the barn lifting a 50-pound bag of feed when I went into labor and twelve hours later, Justin was born. He was an easy baby as he slept for the first six months. And when he was awake, I had Heather, his second mother, to take care of him. After six months, when he did wake up, he was a happy little one . . . always smiling. One of my favorite pictures of him is one I took on his Day One. We were out in the field, Justin in Mark’s arms with Heather at his side. And I do think Justin was sleeping. Happy Birthday, Justin!

As the Goldpebbles stated last night, this is their last week of freedom. School starts next Monday, so we are trying to cram in all the things we didn’t do this summer into this one week. Today was mini-golf day. Most of the tourists are gone now, so it is much safer to go out and about to do things like this. We also worked on getting the basement set up as an activity center once school starts. The ping pong table doesn’t arrive until the first day of school, but today we got the Legos moved to new Lego Central in the basement and we got the music ‘room’ set up. Today we went to the closest mini-golf course, but tomorrow we might venture further and go to another. We ended our day at the skatepark. It is always more crowded late in the day, so maybe tomorrow we will go there first and then go play mini-golf.

This morning I got on my phone to send a Happy Birthday text to Justin. But his contact information was not in my new phone. So I went to my computer and got his number. Then I wanted to send a birthday message to Kevin, but I found that neither he nor Claire were in the computer contacts. I found an old email address for Kevin’s mother and this evening I sent her an email. Shortly, I received a message back with Kevin’s contact info and then I got a text and an email from him. But almost none of my current friends are among the few contacts that are in my new phone or in my computer contact list. And I have lost all of my prior texts, so I can’t find you that way. If you are a good friend, please send me a text so I will have your phone number. And if you have time, include your email and mailing address. It would be much appreciated. Rebuilding my contacts from scratch is quite a project.

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